Journey to Art

Subhas Chandra's artistic emotion and ideas are God gifted.It is said by his parents that he draws simple human figure on the floor drawing five fingers on both hands even at his crawling age! and his journey to the art world start spontaneously since then. The many prize winner's boy in the field paintings, ,poetry and story writing becoming most popular as an artist when he made an idol of Swaraswati by using dustbin thrown papers and paper boards even at 12 years age. The idol was 6 feet but weighing only about half a kg!

He had option to study art at Santiniketan, but fortune turned him ninty degree from his path.He was brilient and studious student from his childhood. Another and totaly different life started when he qualified in joint entrance and took admission in Prince of Wales medical college, the so called Patna Medical college at Patna. But the real truth appeared here when he vigorously studied human and its surface and proportionate anatomy. He received special award from Dr. P.C. Prasad and Dr. S.P. Jaiswal both are the Prof. Anatomy that time. He started portait sketching of models. And soon he became eminent portrait maker there in late 1980's there at Patna.