Subhaschandra's Artworks
Swapnadeep, B-10, satyajit Kanan, EM Bypass, Kolkata - 700099 Kolkata, West Bengal 700099 IN
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About his Artwork

Inflenced by nature and its lowest creatures, his art mostly travel in their kingdom presenting them in fantasy ways with highest creature showing different emotion when the are togather. 'The snake series'are few examples of such fantasy paintings. Snaks are most wonderful creature of the universe. It represents three opposite poles of expressions of human creature: the anger and fear,the streanth and shelter, and the love and sex. It is true that almost all God related to snake in Hindu and other mythology.
For human it represents a religion, a relief, and a passion. 'The snake series', is very recent controvertial artworks of Subhaschandra of vibrant colours with different Stoke of brass of oil and acrylics on big canvas. A display of original artwork on wall definitely will change the environments, and emotion of the person living the surroundings.